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Language Assessment

An integrated part of Upswing's English program, the assessments help teachers, learners and parents understand the learning needs. Its comprehensive assessments include phonics, oral reading, vocabulary, reading comprehension and writing.

English Language Arts

Upswing's English Language Arts is a remedial reading programme provides scaffolds and explicit instructions to English language learners of different levels and different problems and creates learning experiences that inspire confidence, increase student engagement, and improve academic success.

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English Foundational Skills

Prepare students to be fluent and accurate readers for academic success.

Bonjour Français

Beginning French program focuses on foundational French vocabulary, conversational skills and essential grammars.

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Students in a Science Class

STEM Programmes

From space technology to biotech, from designing a dream treehouse to building your first robot, STEM (Science Technology, Engineering, and Math) programs offer enrichment and hands-on learning opportunities for learnings to explore their interests and enhance their school subjects.


Upswing's business and personal finance program introduce not only entrepreneurship, teamwork and collaboration,  basic life skills, self-discipline, but also provide a great opportunity for young children to develop critical thinking, public speaking and presentation, and problem-solving skills

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Seminars and Workshops

Helping parents helping children. Upswing hosts regular workshops and seminars, introducing best practices in parenting and helpful information in children's learning and development. Check out our event page regularly or subscribe to our newsletters.

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