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Interstella Explorer - Cohort 2
(April 13- April 17)


The universe is borderless and so is our learning. We are creating space themed STEM lessons that can be tried through digital learning. Some activities may require need of common household items available in the pantry. There is no need to head outside and get supplies, we will work with what's available at your residence. 


Join us for an extremely exciting experience to the outer space, to explore 

Space Collisions

Space Eruptions

Space Coding, and

Lifecycle of Stars


STEM Programs

Star Explorer

May 2nd to July 4th, 10 sessions

Star Explorer is a challenging, science-based after school program designed and facilitated by the planetary Scientist Dr. Shankar.  It provides a good spread of astronomy and space exploration topics within the broader scope of STEM, which

  • Inspires school children to learn about the universe;

  • Encourages students to use space and STEM knowledge to solve problems;

  • Presents STEM topics and theories through fun, hands-on activities;

  • Promotes scientific inquiry and problem-solving;

  • Prepares students for their future STEM career success;

Dr. Bhairavi Shankar

PhD. in Planetary Science

Dr. Bhairavi Shankar is a Planetary Scientist and founder/CEO of Indus Space. Through her company, she actively focuses on public education in space science working with school-aged students. She helps connect teachers with space-themed resources, assisting with curriculum development. She loves to promote space science and the role of women in STEM as often as possible. Find out more about her at

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