University Bridging Program™


Prepare G10-12 Students for university success

  • An authentic university experience with real learning challenges

  • All-star professors from top business schools

  • Prepare students for the coming university studies

About the program

Obtaining a university degree is essential in today’s information and innovation-based economy. A university degree opens the door to incredible opportunities that go well beyond financial returns – it allows for a much-enhanced quality of life, the ability to pursue individual dreams, and to have an impact and create a legacy. In short, the pursuit of higher education is the path to prosperity and happiness. 

However, one of the most significant challenges students experience over their life journey is managing the transition from high school to university. The University Bridging Program™ offers can make a significant difference in that transition. The program will allow students to:

  • experience a core university business course curriculum

  • develop critical thinking, research knowledge, and skills

  • develop teamwork and leadership skills

  • enhance presentation and communication skills

  • build relationships with other students and faculty in the program

All-Star Professors


Prof. W. Hejazi PhD

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Walid Hejazi is an Associate Professor of Economic Analysis and Policy, and Academic Director, at the Rotman School of Management. He has researched, advised, and testified extensively on global competitiveness, and is currently working on a series of studies that shed light on the competitiveness and productivity of Canadian firms. He teaches Macro and Global Economics in Rotman’s MBA and EMBA programs and has also delivered lectures in over 30 countries. Walid has also developed and taught a successful MBA course in Islamic Finance, the first such course in Canada.

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Prof. G. Georgopoulos  PhD

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George J. Georgopoulos is an Associate Professor at the Department of Economics at York University. He received his M.A. and Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Toronto. His academic honors include receiving the Dean’s Excellence Award in Research. He also received the Dean’s Excellence Award in Teaching and being nominated for the Excellence Award in Teaching at the Schulich School of Business. His research on International Economics, and Multinational Finance and Monetary Theory has resulted in publications in the journals of the Canadian Journal of Economics, Economics Letters, Journal of Economics and Business, and International Review of Economics and Finance.

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Prof. A. Ciologariu  DBA

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Andreea is a professor at Humber in the Global Business Management Post-Graduate Program. She teaches the courses on Fundamentals of Marketing and Marketing Leadership Capstone.

Andreea is experienced in curriculum and instructional design, in-person and online content delivery, and taught Marketing and Leadership in several business schools.

Prior to entering academia, Andreea had a distinguished career in Marketing, Sales, and Operations working as a marketing executive in the technology, healthcare, education, trade, and not-for-profit sectors amounting to over fifteen years of progressive North American and international experience.



M.A Education

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Helen is the Founder and Executive Director of Azul Education Services. As Builder and Connecter, she leads a team of Career Counsellors, Education Associates, and Community Advocates dedicated to supporting individuals reach their highest career potential. She is committed to student success and advocating for accessibility and inclusion in education and workplaces. Helen is dedicated to work closely with students, families, and the community to ensure high school students are equipped to make informed career decisions and are hopeful for the future.

Week 1

International Business & Economy

Prof. W. Hejazi PhD

  1. Introduction to the Program.

  2. Principles of International Business, and the Rise of China and the Importance of the global Economy.

  3. How to access the global economy, from trade to foreign production?

  4. The importance of the gravity model: why does Canada trade so much with the US? 

Week 2

Introduction to Economics

Prof. G. Georgopoulos  PhD

  1. The Principles of Finance, Saving, and Investment.

  2. Financial Markets, the Exchange Rate, and Financial Policy.

  3. Cases of Financial Crises: Causes, Effects, and Solutions.

Week 3

Principles of Marketing  

Prof. A. Ciologariu  DBA 

  1. Introduction to Marketing and Marketing Frameworks.

  2. Understanding the customer using market research.

  3. The Marketing Mix (Strategy) and applications to Personal Brand.

Week 4

Academic and Career Development

Helen Filipe

  1. Introduction to Presentation Skills and Technics

  2. Presentation Rehearsal

  3. Final Presentation


From July 5 to 30

Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday

9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

Assignments and Takeaways

  • Case Reading

  • In-class Assessment

  • Three mini-essays

  • One research report

  • Course evaluation letter by the professor

  • Course certificate

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a university credit course?

No. It is not.

What is the program's targeted the grade level?

UBP is designed for students between Grade 10-12.

Is the program online only?

The program is only avalible as an online course at the moment. We may offer it as an offline classroom course in the nearly future. Please subscribe to our newsletter for the updates.

Do you offer bridging programs in other disciplines, such as humanities or engineering?

UBP only offers business/commerce at the moment. Please subscribe to our newsletter for future updates.

How are you delivering the online lessons?

We use Zoom for real time online lessons. Please go to to download the latest application. The invitation will be sent before the program starts.

Who are the lecturers?

The core lecturers are listed under the section with the title "Meet the Professors". They are teaching at some top universities in the GTA area.

What will the students receive when completing the program?

Students will receive an evaluation summary based on the class participation and the quality of the three mini-paper and the final research report and presentaion, from one of the professors. Students will also receive a certification of completing the program with professors' signatures.

Who should sign up for this program?

The UBP program is designed for students in Grade 10-12, who is considering to study a major in business or commerce.

Are there any homework assignments?

Yes. The assignements inclue before-class reading, 3 weekly mini-paper, 1 final research paper, and also the final presentation.